About me

I am a  Career Coach specialising in supporting Professional Women in the workplace or back to work after an extended period of absence.

After being educated at the National University of Ireland in Galway I became a geologist.  A Geologist!!! I hear you say, what has that to do with coaching?  I was lucky enough to have an amazing boss who saw something in me, with his support I continued my studies adding Human Resources to my repertoire.

Some years later the 2009 world wide crash happened, this hit Geology very hard and Ireland even harder, so I moved to London.  When I reached London I was again blessed with an amazing boss this time in Architecture, I became his PA and right hand woman ‘so to speak’, it was a marvellous time during which I met my fabulous partner and we became pregnant with our beautiful son.  I pursued my studies in HR and became qualified with the CIPD in Human Resource Management, it’s a funny thing getting what you want.  It turned out that the reason I fell into HR in the first place was because I loved helping people with their career, helping people settle in, just helping and supporting people in general. So when I became a HR manager imagine my disappointment when I ended up doing the opposite.  It was not all easy going at this point and I experienced the stress of being in the wrong job, the knot in my stomach on a Sunday night and the apprehension about Monday morning. So I decided a change was needed.

Fast forward to today,  I was already a coach of sorts having spent many years in HR and I thought it was high time I learned how to do it professionally.  During my studies I met people who were so different to me but who had the same dream, to do something that had meaning.

Coaching has changed my life and as a professional coach I am privileged to witness and support that change in others.  I am a firm believer that we can do it ….. whatever it is.  I believe in you and in your ability to change your life as I have.  I am not suggesting we all change our careers, but I am suggesting that if there is a change you would like to make, whether it’s a promotion at work or a change in your career or if it is time for you to return to work, now that the kids are self sufficient, or if you just want that work life balance. I can help you get there and by having faith in you I can restore your confidence in yourself, my only agenda is your success and happiness.

In our lives we often think we must go it alone, but on closer inspection we realise that the success stories never go it alone, the top CEO’s and successful athletes all have coaches and some have several coaches.  So maybe it is time to invest in yourself and get a coach, fill in the contact form below and lets get talking.

Thought for  today

“you may try and fail, but don’t fail to try!”






I contacted Orla few weeks ago to ask her for help with my CV. I wanted to change career after twelve years of working as a nanny. The CV she created for me is outstanding! She highlighted my skills and experiences that a potential new employer can benefit from. I was blown away in very positive way when I read the first draft and I knew I had a chance to succeed. I send it to few companies, I was invited for an interview and I got the job. I’m on the right road to fulfill my dream. I can’t thank Orla enough for an amazing job she did, her kind and supportive words. I highly recommend using Orla’s services if you need help with your CV.


Miroslava Paskova





I highly recommend using Orla’s services if you need help with your CV.

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Orla Cahill. A few weeks ago I contacted her about my CV or lack of it (I’ve not applied for a role in nearly 12 years) I was feeling very nervous and had no confidence in myself or my ability to be able to sell myself to a potential new employer. However, after just one half an hour conversation with Orla my confidence increased and I started to believe in my professional ability again. I have a great new CV and have started to apply for suitable roles. I would (and have) recommended Orla if you need help with your CV or if you need help with your self belief.

Dena Lawler

I would recommended Orla if you need help with your CV or if you need help with your self belief.