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Within a couple of life coaching sessions I had a clear idea of my goals.

I have had the privilege of working with Orla for the last couple of months and I wanted to write something here to thank her and recommend to all and she has changed my life! When we began working together I was lost, dejected and exhausted, within a couple of life coaching sessions I had a clear idea of my goals, dreams and future ambitions as a result of her personalised, encouraging and sometimes challenging questions. Through her supportive and empowering coaching over the next month, she gave me the confidence to apply for my dream job and then the skills to actually get it at the interview. She also reignited my drive and ambition in regard to my yoga business and through her guidance, affirmations and general amazingness it has taken off. Working with Orla has given me a new lease of life! Not only in terms of changing the structure and features of my life, I also have energy, passion, and commitment again to pursue my dreams and build better societies. There aren’t words to say how grateful how I am – thank you Orla!

Kat Hymas



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