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Samantha Dougall

I just wanted to put the biggest shout out on here for this amazing lady. As a mum of two having taken (a very) extended career break, I was severely lacking in confidence with regards to getting back into the working community. Coupled with other issues complicating and compounding this, I found myself in a crippling state of inertia for the last couple of years, at least. I was a bit of an emotional wreck, truth be told, mentally going around in circles not knowing what to deal with first. Orla Cahill is simply brilliant. If any of this resonates with you then I wholeheartedly 110% urge you to do yourself the biggest favour and reach out to her. She’s warm, funny, non-judgemental and she will absolutely give you the tools you need and get you seeing your clear path ahead for yourself. Something I struggled to believe possible for so long. I only regret not seeing her sooner, and promise that you won’t look back. She’s solely responsible for helping me to turn my life back around and believe I am still that capable person I was before my fantastic children. I can’t thank you enough Orla xx


OrlaCahill Transformational Coach.

Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Helping women return to work, helping career changers, helping women in the workplace.

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