Self Isolating – At Home With the Family

Follow my 5 tips to distance yourself from the negativity that is threatening to overwhelm our lives.

Practice Gratitude Daily for a More Positive Outlook

Social distancing is the headline of the moment. We are all concerned about our health and the health of our loved ones our friends and family . We are stressing about our jobs/career plans. But is this also an opportunity? Remember the work – life balance discussion? not so important as it once was. Or is it?

It is not too long ago that we were all talking about how to spend quality time with our kids, how to be more mindful and in the moment. In fact the biggest problem was how to get those elusive moments to be mindful. Well now we have the time isn’t this a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how we were living our lives and whether it isn’t time for a rethink.

Currently we have no control over what is happening in the world but remember that this to will pass. We will get through this, but what will we learn from the experience.

Follow my tips to be sure you concentrate on the positive and adapt to the rest.

  1. Practice Gratitude – how does this work? it’s spring time there is always something to be grateful for, a smile from your son or daughter, the birds singing outside the window, our health is a big one at the moment, having love in our lives, all of these and a million other things still exist to be grateful for. Remind yourself of them on a daily basis.
  2. Review how you have been living your lives – we are so busy- our schedules are so full with events and engagements. Not only the adults but our children have after school clubs 4 days a week and often at the weekends as well. Is this all necessary? Now that you don’t have to do this anymore, how will you decide to live your life after Covid-19?
  3. Look at what is happening in our immediate communities, this is a wonderful time to connect with our neighbours. There are so many examples of people volunteering to help their elderly neighbours and people who have been affected by the virus. These people who possibly having lost jobs or clients due to the virus are stepping up to help their community. Here is the greatest opportunity to get involved, to help and who knows what kind of friendships may result.
  4. Cleaner water and air, a few days ago the canal water in Venice was reported to be running clear with visible fish living there. Because of the efforts of the Italian government to stall the spread of the virus there is no traffic on the canals. The virus has in part contributed to a noticeable drop in pollution and the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  5. A return to humility – This virus has if nothing else reminded us that we actually have no control over anything and any control we thought we had was an illusion. Many of us become anxious when things don’t go to plan, maybe it is time for us to realise that we are not all powerful and more often than not, it’s not the end of the world if we don’t get everything right – on time- everytime….

The Covid-19 crisis has undoubtedly shaken the world and how we live in it. These five points show us that it is still possible to find some positives. If we consciously try to find the positive and seize these opportunities to alter how we live and inhabit this planet, who knows what good may come from such a catastrophe.

Merry Christmas 2019

Thank you for a wonderful 2019

It’s a time to be thankful and reflect on all the great things that happened in 2019. I am privileged to have been part of so many people’s journeys in the past year. Clients who have rejoined the workforce after so many years of believing it was not possible. People who have make the change from one career to another and people who have found out what life can be like with a little self belief and confidence.

To all of my clients past, present and future. I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

January Action 2019

Well it’s already two weeks into January, phew! what a long month, or maybe it just seems that way because let’s face it, without the odd glass of vino and the burger we are avoiding like the plague time is just dragging a little.

For those of us who didn’t quite make veganuary or who like myself had a few glasses of wine over the last couple of weeks, its ok…….. not everything has to happen in January and frankly why try to do everything all at once. For most of us that approach is doomed to failure. For those of us who are succeeding WELL DONE and keep at it.

For everyone else, we can achieve everything we want to, it just has to matter to us and we just need a little support to clear the fog and find our first step.

Don’t let January get away from you, make a decision now to improve. Give me a call and let me tell you all about the benefits of coaching. It can change your life you know! If you decide coaching is not for you that’s fine, you will still benefit from the meeting. We all take something away from every new person we cross paths with.

I look forward to meeting you, it’s possible, just do it!!

Orla Cahill Coaching News January 2019

newsletter no 1 jan 2019

Life Coach why did I do it?

Life Coaching changed my life and I thought it was time I shared that feeling.  Prior to this I was happy in my work and life but there was something missing.  As a person who gets more pleasure out of giving rather than receiving, someone who gets happiness from helping another to find their way, becoming a Life Coach seemed the perfect option.  The fact that it took me until half way through my life seems a shame and when thinking about it, could it have been any different?

There is a wonderful Christy Moor song where he tells us that in order to share our boat with others we first have to build our own boat.  I think that’s what I was doing, building my own boat/ life and getting to a place where my becoming a Life Coach was an authentic and natural progression.

What does being a Life Coach give me?  the answer to this question is endless joy.  When I start working with a new client either on life coaching or on career coaching or self care coaching, I become a witness to positive change in that person’s life.  I become the guiding light for that client to improve their circumstances by focusing the mind and being strategic in their actions to achieve something specific.

As a Life Coach I drive life changing action and I support bold and brave steps to achieving a new and better life, one that we can all achieve and are all worthy of.

When I started on this journey I could not have known what becoming a Life Coach would do for my life and the lives of the people around me.

Would I do it again?  If I had my life to live over again I would become a Life Coach sooner.


Work Life Balance – or – Not

I have written about this in the past and no matter how often we discuss this problem I am still finding that the greatest number of my Career Coaching Clients are struggling with this concept.

Why is this still and continuously happening?  Is it the culture we live in or is it our own demands on ourselves in order to progress in our career?  Or maybe it’s both.

According to Brett Moffit in his article released on 5thNovember 2018 the average lunch break for UK workers is now just 22 minutes.  Why can we not leave our desk for the full hour?  Is it our own fear that if we are seen to be away from our desk that we will be perceived in a negative light by our boss or our colleagues?

Also in Mr. Moffit’s article it is stated that YouGov found that last year, one in five 25-34-year-olds in the UK were unhappy with their work-life balance and 46 per cent of workers feel that their jobs required them to work intensely.

What can be done about this?  The answer is often simple, notice I did not say easy but often it can be as simple as reasserting boundaries.  So many of us today are coming home from work and still checking work emails and texts when we should be enjoying our family time.  More often than not there is over-time to be done just to stay on track with a project, particularly heading into the holiday season.

When I talk to clients about this they often say “I have no choice” – “I have to do it to stay on top of things”. So what does this mean, are we being given too much work to do or are we not working productively anymore and so it is taking that much longer to achieve the success that 20years ago we could achieve between the hours of 9 to 5?

Even when we discover the definitive answer to this question what then, what to do? And even if we know what to do in order to change do we have the courage to do it?

Maybe we do have a choice all be it a difficult one. 

Career coaching is often the support needed to answer the questions above and to make that difficult choice in order to achieve that work life balance we all desire and are entitled to.  Contact me today for a free no obligation discussion on how life coaching can help you.