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The CV Clinic was the precursor to this website and this practice.  As a HR professional I thought everyone knew how to write their own CV.  How wrong could I have been.  I realised very quickly that there is a great need out there to support people when they are about to embark on writing their CV.

This is not a thing to be taken lightly and should be given the time and respect it demands, otherwise I’m afraid we are wasting our time.

One cold winder’s evening back in 2016 I was answering some FB posts on a local mums group helping some mums get going on writing their CV.  From that came my own FB Group CV Clinic, I put this in place in order to facilitate conversation around changing jobs and careers and CVs in general. I then proceeded to offer the service of CV writing.  My experience in HR made me the accomplished CV writer I needed to be not only to write the CV but also to give advice on career trajectory and well the rest is history.

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