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What can you expect when working with me. I will partner with you and motivate you to make the next move. I will see through your excuses and I will hold you accountable. I will recognise when you are doing the bare minimum and I will challenge you to do more.

We will work on growing your confidence, reclaiming your power, clarifying your thought process so that you can step out of the fog. How do we do this? we set realistic goals and we achieve them with support and determination.

My motivation will support you on your journey I will help you grow and become the person you want to be. I will spend a short amount of time looking at the past and helping you understand why your fears, values, beliefs and personality exist and my goal is to focus more of our efforts on your future and to help you be the best version of yourself.

Typical topics currently are anxiety, stress and and learning how to deal with an uncertain future. We will put in place strategies to help you cope with everything we are currently experiencing, from job uncertainty to sleepless nights to career planning to creating a calm and restful home life for ourselves and our families, where we all feel safe and secure.

Typical topics during a career coaching programme are as follows

  1. Making sure you are choosing the right career for you!
  2. Making sure your CV is promoting the correct message!
  3. Looking at your skills and attributes in order to discover what you have and what you may need
  4. Interview preparation

As a Career Coach, I am completely led by the client and each coaching experience is individual. You may know exactly what you would like to do next and just need support making the change, or you may just know you need a change but are not sure what that change should be. It is my job to clarify all of that for you. I am results driven, I want to see you succeed as much as you do. The truth is that it is all in your hands, I am the support behind the good work.

When focusing on your Self Care and or Work-Life balance typical topics covered are as follows

  1. What do you spend your time on
  2. Where does your support come from
  3. Do you need to be in control of everything
  4. Can you rethink where your time is going

Self-care is the most important thing any of us can focus on, once we have this mastered we can make time for all of the lovely and important things in life including the work-life balance.

It is up to you, whatever you decide to work on and wherever the changes are needed, you will always be the driver, I am the lights on your sports car or Fiat as the case may be, maybe you could even trade one for the other!!

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