Challenging Autumn expected for pay and jobs………

This is the headline introducing the CIPD Labour Market Outlook : Summer 2020 survey, it reveals that employers intend to keep a tight rein on pay increases over the next 12 months in a bid to preserve jobs.

Ref. CIPD update 12th August 2020

Future Proof Yourself for the Challenges Ahead

How do we navigate a tight labour market in a global pandemic. Here are a few tips that will protect your mental health, increase your confidence and decrease your anxiety.

  1. When it comes to your inner critic, don’t let it take over,
  2. Question that inner critic, if you are struggling with your self image and confidence this is the time when that critic becomes overactive and inaccurate.
  3. Ask yourself positive questions rather than dwelling on the negative, Q. what is the evidence that I am a valued employee, valued friend, successful in my work; or similar, this way we are focusing on the positive.
  4. SELF CARE: Put yourself at the top of the list, nurture yourself, honour yourself whatever that looks like for you. Stop the incessant chatter that comes from not having space in your mind to think and consider your present and also your future.
  5. Set yourself some SMART goals these are Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Relevant and Time Based. When starting out remember to break down your goals to their tiniest building blocks and start there.
  6. Help someone else, often the best way to step out of our own ruminating is to help others, this can feel wonderful and give you the head space to recognise new opportunities.


Baby to Boardroom

#Return to work

Mat leave is over and it’s time to get back to the boardroom!

Is it time to start thinking about returning to work after Maternity Leave? Often we feel anxious and ill equipped to return to work after baby comes, particularly if we have taken an extended Mat leave and are returning after some years.

A new baby is a life-changing event and so it should be, get support dealing with your new normal, and learn to enjoy it.

Why should I feel guilty for loving my job, I shouldn’t, but still we do.

Here are some tips on how to get back into the swing of thing

8 Tips for Returning to work after mat leave.

  1. Think about going back to work mid-week so that the first week is a gentle one.
  2. Accept that life after baby is not – and should not – be the same.  Accept your new normal and enjoy it.
  3. Do a full dress rehearsal before your actual start date.  Get out of that house and through your morning routine as if you were going to the office so that you can navigate pitfalls ahead of your return, and take that journey to the office maybe use it as a KIT day.
  4. Remember this is a time of great change just for now. Go with the change rather than fighting it. With work and children everything is temporary and subject to change.
  5. Focus on abundance. Pay attention to spending quality time with your child rather than the scarcity of what you might miss while you are at the office.
  6. Remember: its okay to love your work. You are successful and should be proud of your accomplishments.
  7. Know that every parent has guilt. Stay at home parents feel like they abandoned their careers or education. Working parents just experience a different brand of guilt.
  8. Know that you will make mistakes, just look at it from the mind-set that every mistake is a learning opportunity, think of your mistakes as good ones that you will learn from or rooky ones, (I won’t get caught on that again).  But don’t beat yourself up over them.

CV Writing, things you should NOT do!

CV Writing

Don’t be afraid of white space.
Don’t fear the gaps. Even if you think your CV looks quite bare, as long as you’ve included all the relevant information and applicable, quantifiable achievements, you needn’t worry. Remember: Sometimes, less is more.

Don’t try to include too much. The ideal CV should be a checklist of all of your accomplishments. It should not be your life story. Tailoring your CV to the role is a great way to skim some of the fat and keep all waffle to a minimum.

Don’t include irrelevant information. Before adding any points in your application, ask the question: will it help you get the role. If the answer is no, take it out. Hobbies and interests are a great example. If they don’t help you stand out, don’t waste valuable space.

Don’t forget your cover letter. Although it is often seen as a different entity, your cover letter is attached to your CV, and both are vital in helping you clinch the right role. Utilise yours properly, and your CV becomes the perfect document to reinforce your talent.
Oh, they didn’t say to include one? Still do!! Every extra opportunity to sell yourself should be taken.

Don’t Experiment with size. You may think that changing font size is a great way to fit your CV onto two pages. But whether you’re using a large font to make your application seem longer or you’re using a smaller font to make sure everything fits, you’re not fooling anyone.
See also, margin size.

What can we do about a Mental Block

Mental Block
Stop building your mental wall!

What is your mental block stopping you from doing?

Many of my clients are finding it difficult to do something because of their mental and emotional blocks / walls. They feel they are not good enough, or not deserving enough or not clever enough or not ……. blank ………. enough.

We all have one, but for some of us this block is so debilitating that we find ourselves stuck. The thing to remember is that this wall is a construct of our own. We have built it up over many years and we now believe in it wholehearted.

What does your wall look like?
Mental block
Break down the wall !

What would it be like to look over the wall, would you still say don’t enter. Can you rise above your wall to better understand what the world really looks like.

As a coach I spend time helping clients rise above their limiting beliefs and better understand what life could be like if there were no mental blocks.

How can you use my tools to raise yourself up?

I help my clients reframe their view of what is stopping them from achieving their best selves. If someone is suffering from a lack of confidence due to a limiting belief I try to get them to see the problem from another perspective. I reframe their limiting belief so that they can break through their wall.

When we say “I can’t do that” it is the truth, when we say “I can’t do that yet” it is the truth and when we say “I can do that with a little help/study/experience” it is the truth!

When a client says I can’t do something, I ask how do you know you can’t? when the answer is, I just know.

This is where the reframe comes in.

I ask questions like, did you know when you were tiny that one day you would be able to walk, the answer is inevitably no, or did you know when you were a toddler that you would one day be able to ski? again the answer is inevitably no. Then the question has to be, if you were using the same outlook when you were tiny as you are now how would your life look. There would be no walking, no talking no skiing etc. Why, because you had already made up your mind you couldn’t do it.

The reframe is not intended to tell my client that he/she is wrong but to challenge their thinking. This is something we can all do at home or in the workplace. Ask the question, without emotion, where is the evidence that I can’t do it?

Buddha once said “The mind is everything, what you think you become

It’s 2020 it’s the end of January,

it’s time to breakthrough your wall!!

How to get a job in 2019 CV Writing Tips

Hints to turn your CV from a list of jobs to a coherent professional history of achievements and skills to get you invited for interview.

One of the biggest problems many of my clients are struggling with is where to begin when writing their CV. Particularly if they have been away from the workplace for some time. So read on to discover my secrete to success.

  1. We have stopped talking about duties now is it all about achievements, what have you achieved in each position, what did you bring to the table.
  2. When considering what achievements to add to your CV first read the job description, the essentials should all be reflected in your CV and the desirable as well if possible.
  3. Stay on message, your message is that you can fill this position and your CV is proving evidence that you have already done it successfully, through your examples.
  4. Never Never Never mention anything negative……. It’s all good!!!!

For help developing your CV for today’s market give me a call or send me an email to set up an appointment.

For now good luck with your job search.

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January Action 2019

Well it’s already two weeks into January, phew! what a long month, or maybe it just seems that way because let’s face it, without the odd glass of vino and the burger we are avoiding like the plague time is just dragging a little.

For those of us who didn’t quite make veganuary or who like myself had a few glasses of wine over the last couple of weeks, its ok…….. not everything has to happen in January and frankly why try to do everything all at once. For most of us that approach is doomed to failure. For those of us who are succeeding WELL DONE and keep at it.

For everyone else, we can achieve everything we want to, it just has to matter to us and we just need a little support to clear the fog and find our first step.

Don’t let January get away from you, make a decision now to improve. Give me a call and let me tell you all about the benefits of coaching. It can change your life you know! If you decide coaching is not for you that’s fine, you will still benefit from the meeting. We all take something away from every new person we cross paths with.

I look forward to meeting you, it’s possible, just do it!!