CV Writing, things you should NOT do!

Don’t be afraid of white space.Don’t fear the gaps. Even if you think your CV looks quite bare, as long as you’ve included all the relevant information and applicable, quantifiable achievements, you needn’t worry. Remember: Sometimes, less is more. Don’t try to include too much. The ideal CV should be a checklist of all ofContinue reading “CV Writing, things you should NOT do!”

January Action 2019

Well it’s already two weeks into January, phew! what a long month, or maybe it just seems that way because let’s face it, without the odd glass of vino and the burger we are avoiding like the plague time is just dragging a little. For those of us who didn’t quite make veganuary or whoContinue reading “January Action 2019”

Updating your CV for the Current Job Market

Including your entire history of work and experience in your CV might actually be hindering your chance of success. How far back should your CV go?

Superwoman Syndrome

Are you suffering from Superwoman Syndrome?  If something doesn’t change in your life how will things look in 5 years? Superwoman syndrome is when we neglect ourselves because we are seeking to do it all !! Recognise anyone? Not yet, read on. Do you have? Bouts of irritability Memory issues Anxiety Inability to concentrate AchesContinue reading “Superwoman Syndrome”