Back to School

It has been a long hard summer, it’s time to review, regroup and emerge stronger. We have lost loved ones, we may be losing jobs, our confidence is knocked, we need to rebuild our resolve.

Here are 5 small things we can all do to fortify ourselves.

  1. Sleep Hygiene – without enough sleep we simply can’t find the strength to succeed.
  2. Feeling confused, feel like you are in a haze, unable to make a decision about the future. You are not alone, the first step to clarity is to get some time for yourself, stop making excuses, don’t feel guilty. Just Do It!
  3. Mental and emotional hygiene – We all know we are entering a period of mass unemployment. Mental and emotional hygiene is paramount, practice gratitude, seek out the things you are grateful for and remind yourself of them daily. Positivity breeds success are you in a successful state of mind?
  4. Goal Setting – map your skills – understand where you can upskill to be more employable during this period of high competition. It may be a tight labour market but there are still jobs out there and someone has to be awarded them, it might as well be you!
  5. Anxiety – Fear and Anger can be toxic – do not let these emotions paralyse you, do not try to be superwoman or superman. Talk about your worries, and create an action plan.

If you are experiencing any of the above contact Orla and see how she can help.

Challenging Autumn expected for pay and jobs………

This is the headline introducing the CIPD Labour Market Outlook : Summer 2020 survey, it reveals that employers intend to keep a tight rein on pay increases over the next 12 months in a bid to preserve jobs.

Ref. CIPD update 12th August 2020

Future Proof Yourself for the Challenges Ahead

How do we navigate a tight labour market in a global pandemic. Here are a few tips that will protect your mental health, increase your confidence and decrease your anxiety.

  1. When it comes to your inner critic, don’t let it take over,
  2. Question that inner critic, if you are struggling with your self image and confidence this is the time when that critic becomes overactive and inaccurate.
  3. Ask yourself positive questions rather than dwelling on the negative, Q. what is the evidence that I am a valued employee, valued friend, successful in my work; or similar, this way we are focusing on the positive.
  4. SELF CARE: Put yourself at the top of the list, nurture yourself, honour yourself whatever that looks like for you. Stop the incessant chatter that comes from not having space in your mind to think and consider your present and also your future.
  5. Set yourself some SMART goals these are Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Relevant and Time Based. When starting out remember to break down your goals to their tiniest building blocks and start there.
  6. Help someone else, often the best way to step out of our own ruminating is to help others, this can feel wonderful and give you the head space to recognise new opportunities.


Self Care – Because You’re Worth It!

It’s July, and everywhere I look, the message is to stop and smell the flowers, to rest and be mindful, to review my life and be more present.  These are all great messages and powerful things to incorporate into our lives if only we had the time.

My message for July is, treat yourself to a full night’s sleep; the benefits are astounding.  July is the busiest month of the year so far comparable only to the run-up to Christmas, so the hope of getting enough rest is unlikely.

Here are a few tips on how to get through this busy period and come out the other end feeling slightly less broken.

1.    Hide the smartphone; it is stealing our precious minutes where we could be resting our minds.  Set a timeframe when you can consciously look at your updates, including any work emails, and turn off the phone outside of those hours.  Want your work-life balance back, think about it!.

2.    Set up an evening routine, cut out the last half an hour of TV, it will keep you awake, use the last half an hour of your day taking better care of yourself, take a bath, use some lovely lotion, give yourself a little love after your long day.

3.    Practice gratitude, just before you lay your head down, think of what was beautiful about your day, even if you have had a bad day there is still something to be grateful about, maybe your health, maybe your partner, or children, there is always something.  Make that last thought before sleep a positive one.

4.    If you are in the workplace, take time to set yourself a core wardrobe for work, this way you don’t spend time agonizing over what you will wear to work.  It is always there and always ready, have your accessories in a handy, easily accessible spot.

If you are struggling with something and want to make tangible steps to improve it or achieve it, consider life coaching – get in touch now and make the change that will transform your life.

Confidence and Positive Self Image

Does confidence come from positive self-image, or is it the other way around?

One of the most significant challenges of the modern day is confidence and how to get. The absence of confidence is the brick wall we come up against, which stops us from realizing our potential and often our happiness and self-worth.

As a Life Coach, I recognize that a lack of self-confidence is quite often if not always the underlying reason for most of my client’s struggles. The question is still how do I build up my confidence? Can we interchange the word confidence with resilience, if we had more confidence, would we be more resilient?

Joan Rosenberg, Psychologist and TEDx speaker, suggests that there are tools we can use and practice to build up our confidence. Joan sites the following 4 practices we can do daily to build up our confidence.

  1. allow yourself to experience the full range of feelings. Often we do not let ourselves to do this, we stop when it becomes difficult or scary. So if we are starting at shame, maybe we don’t go as far as vulnerability or embarrassment, Joan says we should. It is just a feeling after all…. Right!
  2. The second way is to present ourselves as positive, kind and well-intentioned. Maybe you are thinking you already do this, if so, what are you noticing?
  3. The third and this is one that will resonate with a lot of people, take action, even if you don’t feel like it, another way of putting this is “fake it till you make it”, my words not hers. It’s all about practice if we keep doing the things we think we can’t do; eventually, that thought process will change, and we will grow, and so will our confidence.
  4. And finally and this is a conversation which often comes up in coaching, accept a compliment. How often do we get a compliment and shun it, make an excuse or undervalue it? In the same breath, how often do we chastise ourselves for not being good enough, or not reaching perfection, whether it is at work, at home, as a mum as a sister as a daughter? I think we all know the answer.

If you are struggling with your confidence or your resilience in the workplace or your poor self-image, get in touch for details on how coaching can help.

Vulnerability to be Embraced or Feared?

How does it feel when we are vulnerable?

The first answers that springs to mind are uncomfortable, some people may say torcher, excruciating, exposed,  the worst thing in the world.

Depending on who we are and what kind of personality we have, to purposefully put ourselves in a position where we are vulnerable may be the worst thing in the world or maybe just bearable, but for nobody is it comfortable or easy.

What does it mean?

Possibly something different to each of us, some of us can get up and speak in front of a thousand people but run from an awkward conversation, others couldn’t entertain speaking in public and would rather face a raging lion.

To me being vulnerable means having the courage, I am the one who doesn’t like to talk in public, but I’m about to do it because I feel strongly about what I do.  For me helping people conquer their fears means that I first have to overcome my own.

Isn’t falling in love being purposefully vulnerable, don’t we all have to experience this every day to find happiness and connection.

When we are at work and have something to say but are afraid to make ourselves heard we are running from the potential shame of doing or saying the wrong thing and so we don’t feel the fear and do it anyway.  What we are really doing is denying our colleagues and employers our greatest skills because we are scared to be vulnerable.

What if we were not scared of anything, I wonder what we could do then.

Maybe we could stand up for our neighbours who are being harassed, perhaps we could recognise our friends who are in bad situations and have the hard conversations, maybe we could change the world one conversation at a time.

Maybe we could realise that being scared is ok because we will not always get it right, we will not always succeed, and we may even face criticism and each time we fail we will be hurting, learning, growing and getting better.

Imagine that feeling, the “I have done it”, feeling! The “it wasn’t as good as I hoped, but it could have been a lot worse”, feeling or “it is better than before” feeling, I’m getting better, I can do this!!!!!!.


So is it to be feared or to be nurtured?

These are my thoughts for my mindful spring clean.  What do you think?