What can we do about a Mental Block

Mental Block
Stop building your mental wall!

What is your mental block stopping you from doing?

Many of my clients are finding it difficult to do something because of their mental and emotional blocks / walls. They feel they are not good enough, or not deserving enough or not clever enough or not ……. blank ………. enough.

We all have one, but for some of us this block is so debilitating that we find ourselves stuck. The thing to remember is that this wall is a construct of our own. We have built it up over many years and we now believe in it wholehearted.

What does your wall look like?
Mental block
Break down the wall !

What would it be like to look over the wall, would you still say don’t enter. Can you rise above your wall to better understand what the world really looks like.

As a coach I spend time helping clients rise above their limiting beliefs and better understand what life could be like if there were no mental blocks.

How can you use my tools to raise yourself up?

I help my clients reframe their view of what is stopping them from achieving their best selves. If someone is suffering from a lack of confidence due to a limiting belief I try to get them to see the problem from another perspective. I reframe their limiting belief so that they can break through their wall.

When we say “I can’t do that” it is the truth, when we say “I can’t do that yet” it is the truth and when we say “I can do that with a little help/study/experience” it is the truth!

When a client says I can’t do something, I ask how do you know you can’t? when the answer is, I just know.

This is where the reframe comes in.

I ask questions like, did you know when you were tiny that one day you would be able to walk, the answer is inevitably no, or did you know when you were a toddler that you would one day be able to ski? again the answer is inevitably no. Then the question has to be, if you were using the same outlook when you were tiny as you are now how would your life look. There would be no walking, no talking no skiing etc. Why, because you had already made up your mind you couldn’t do it.

The reframe is not intended to tell my client that he/she is wrong but to challenge their thinking. This is something we can all do at home or in the workplace. Ask the question, without emotion, where is the evidence that I can’t do it?

Buddha once said “The mind is everything, what you think you become

It’s 2020 it’s the end of January,

it’s time to breakthrough your wall!!

January Action 2019

Well it’s already two weeks into January, phew! what a long month, or maybe it just seems that way because let’s face it, without the odd glass of vino and the burger we are avoiding like the plague time is just dragging a little.

For those of us who didn’t quite make veganuary or who like myself had a few glasses of wine over the last couple of weeks, its ok…….. not everything has to happen in January and frankly why try to do everything all at once. For most of us that approach is doomed to failure. For those of us who are succeeding WELL DONE and keep at it.

For everyone else, we can achieve everything we want to, it just has to matter to us and we just need a little support to clear the fog and find our first step.

Don’t let January get away from you, make a decision now to improve. Give me a call and let me tell you all about the benefits of coaching. It can change your life you know! If you decide coaching is not for you that’s fine, you will still benefit from the meeting. We all take something away from every new person we cross paths with.

I look forward to meeting you, it’s possible, just do it!!

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Mistake No. 4 you don’t want to make when changing career

Not spending enough time reflecting on what it is you are looking for in a new career.

Often we are in such a hurry to escape from our current career that we don’t investigate deep enough what it is we are actually looking for from our next move.

Image result for escaping the rat race uk

For example you are in marketing and want a jump to sales.  There is not really so much of a jump that you are entering the complete unknown, and the potential is that your skill set will transfer well enough and to some extent you have already been exposed to the environment of sales and it’s many wonders. Fine.

What about if you want to move from marketing to Farming or Mountaineering or some other completely unrelated environment.  It is worth asking all the questions around what it is you want to get out of your new career, what are the things that are drawing you to this new life and are these things in line with your predetermined check list of what you want your life to look like in this next chapter?

Maybe the kids have grown up a little now and it is time for you to follow your dream, is this dream still valid?, do you still want the things you wanted when you first had the dream?  Is a switch to farming truly going to give you what you currently want or can you somehow find it in your current environment.

Is it possible that you can have the life you desire in your current career? just possibly in a different aspect, maybe it is worth looking at what other aspects of your current profession may fulfill what you currently need in your life.

Bottom line; always start with a clear picture of what you want from your life because if you can’t clearly outline the destination it is unlikely you will ever get there.  As the great Stephen Covey says “Start with the end in mind”.

For help clarifying your goals or for help creating that new CV for your Career Change don’t hesitate to contact me at



Mistake No. 3 you don’t want to make when changing career

September is all about changing careers.

Don’t jump in too soon, before you know all the facts.Image result for image of a female business woman jumping off a cliff

Making a decision to change careers is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.  It deserves time and attention, making a decision based on one piece of information or one data point is nuts!

If you need a new outfit for an important engagement, you will visit several shops before you make your final decision. It may take more than one shopping trip.  You will try different outfits on for size and style to be sure they suite you and bring out the best you have.

Your new career deserves at least this type of dedication.  When considering a new career often people will have two or three options in mind, one will definitely be relating to the skill set they already have just with a different perspective, another will be something they have dreamed of for many years but did nothing about and another may be something brand new that has just spiked their interest.

So what to do to find out about these three options, often clients will start by trying to understand how to get into that type of career without spending any time trying the career on for size.  My advice try it on for size, see if it suites you, how do you do this?  Research Research Research.

Often people will over look the skill set they already have and through the baby out with the bathwater. Consider what you like about your current career that you might be able to bring with you to the next.

Talk to everyone you know and find professionals in this shiny new career.  Meet with these people and find out from them what a day in the life of this position may be like, what is the earning potential, ask the questions that are important to you, it could be about flexible working, it might be about travel etc.

Make a checklist of what you want to get from your next career being specific about everything that is important to you, bring your thinking forward a few years and ask the question where do I want to be, how much of a difference do I want to be making to the world, or how many hours do I want to be working at this point etc.  Once this checklist is completed use it to compare your investigation into your potential career options.

If you need help with any of the above and would like to change careers give me a call or contact me through the form below.  You will be able to do this alone and having a coach will cut the time involved in half at least.


Confidence in the Workplace, how do we get it?

As August is all about boosting our confidence in the workplace I thought it only right to site the article in the telegraph on this subject.

Follow me during September while I am talking about what the steps are to making a career change.

As a career coach I see every day that lack of confidence is the biggest barrier women have to overcome in order to achieve their goals, whether the goal is to return to the workplace or just to change jobs or go for that promotion.

According to the Telegraph, Facebook conducted some research in 2016 called ‘SheMeansBusiness’. The results of which revealed that 2.7million women in the UK (one in ten) would love to start their own enterprise but don’t.  Why? Answer, lack of confidence.

Men and women are completely different in this area, right? Men will go into that interview and sell a less rounded skill set than is required for the job, but because of their confidence they will often get the position, (not every man is the same of course but in general).  Women will go for the job that they are over qualified for and apologize for their skills, (again this is a broad stroke and does not apply to every woman).

Those of us who have managed ‘self-confidence’ have achieved this by feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  We all feel fear when there is change on the horizon, change such as a promotion, should you wait to be noticed or do you go out there and get noticed?

What helps – preparation, preparation, preparation………… don’t be noticed because you were not prepared, it is hard to come back from that.  Be remembered because you have all the answers, or if not all the answers then a very confident I don’t have that information yet (however based on previous……….. we can expect….)

Thank you for reading – follow me in September for at look at career changers and for a look at my other work please go to www.orlacahillcoaching.com