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OrlaCahill Transformational Coach.

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So 2020 is behind us. Well done for making it through, it hasn’t been easy for anyone. Give yourselves a pat on the back, we are at ‘day-one’ again! There is a lot we can take from 2020 that can leave us feeling beaten and battered and broken. There is […]

Do you feel valued?

What does it mean to feel valued? Today most of my clients are struggling with this feeling of worthlessness. Their feeling of self-worth has been eroded through time by life itself. By motherhood sometimes, by toxic workplaces, by isolation, by working from home and we could go on. How do […]

Back to School

It has been a long hard summer, it’s time to review, regroup and emerge stronger. We have lost loved ones, we may be losing jobs, our confidence is knocked, we need to rebuild our resolve. Here are 5 small things we can all do to fortify ourselves. Sleep Hygiene – […]

The New Normal – Covid-19-2020

As a Life Coach I want to share some powerful questions that may help you to self coach while in isolation. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to have a healthier lifestyle, or a healthier relationship or a healthier outlook we can all achieve these and many other things […]