About me

Life Coach - Career Coach

I specialise in supporting Professional Women in the workplace or returning to work after an extended absence.

Graduating from the National University of Ireland in Galway, I became a geologist. What has that to do with coaching? Well, I was lucky enough to have an amazing boss who saw something in me, and with his support I continued my studies, adding Human Resources to my repertoire.

When the 2009 economic crash hit Ireland, I moved to London, where I was once again blessed with an amazing boss – this time in Architecture. I became his right-hand woman (so to speak!) it was a marvellous time during which I met my fabulous partner and we became pregnant with our beautiful son.

I continued studying and qualified with the CIPD in Human Resource Management.

It’s a funny thing getting what you want, it turned out that I loved helping people with their careers, settling them into new roles, and supporting people in general. So imagine my disappointment when I ended up doing the opposite as an HR manager. The job of my dreams suddenly was not all plain sailing and I experienced the stress of being in the wrong job, that familiar Sunday night knot in my stomach and the feeling of dread about Monday morning. Clearly, a change was needed.

Fast forward to today: I was already a coach of sorts, through my HR experience, so it was high time I learned how to do it professionally.  During my coaching studies, I met people completely different to me, but who all had the same dream – to do something meaningful.

Coaching has changed my life and I feel privileged to witness and support that change in others.  I am a firm believer that we can all do it …..whatever ‘it’ is.

I believe in you and in your ability to change your life just as I have.

I am not suggesting we all change our careers, but I am suggesting that if you would like to make a change – whether it’s a promotion, a completely new job, or a return to work now your kids are self-sufficient – or even if you simply want to achieve that elusive work-life balance – I can help you get there.

By having faith in you, I can restore your confidence, my only agenda is your success and happiness.

In our lives, we often think we must go it alone, but most top CEO’s and successful athletes all have coaches, indeed some have several coaches.

Now is the time to invest in yourself and get a coach.

Fill in the contact form below and let’s get talking.

Thought for today

“You may try and fail, but don’t fail to try!”