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Anxiety the Dish of the Day served in every kitchen throughout the country and the world.

So many of us are losing sleep, worrying about how this pandemic is causing chaos in our lives. Not knowing where the next pay check is coming from, worrying about how stable our jobs are, if we still have one.

Join Orla Cahill, Career Coach and Life Coach on Zoom, offering this one off opportunity to take part in group coaching, focusing on how this pandemic has affected our lives and what we can do to emerge stronger.

As well as a Life Coach and Expert CV writer, Orla is also an Alderbrook School mum and in an effort to raise funds for school she is offering this one off chance to experience how coaching can help you understand exactly where this anxiety is coming from and how to put strategies in place to emerge stronger than ever from Lockdown. We will use free writing to unlock our deepest worries and once they are identified we will create a plan to manage them.

Tickets are free for Alderbrook parents with the opportunity to make a donation to the PTA, booking is necessary. To book your space please email Rex at . Non Alderbrook people are welcome and will be asked to donate £10, don’t miss out on this chance to experience how coaching can help you.

Register immediately while there is still space.



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Emerge Healthy from Lockdown

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