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Do you feel valued?

What does it mean to feel valued? Today most of my clients are struggling with this feeling of worthlessness. Their feeling of self-worth has been eroded through time by life itself. By motherhood sometimes, by toxic workplaces, by isolation, by working from home and we could go on.

How do we get this back…..

Are you in a place where you feel your opinion is not important and nobody cares anyway, do you feel like you have a pretty good life and so why should you be complaining! Is shame keeping you quite and is fear keeping you safe.

This is what the pandemic is putting many of my clients through, working from home is not giving us the energy working with others once gave us. Our well being is suffering, we can’t see what the future holds and this is causing anxiety and depression.

As a coach I remind my clients how valuable they are, not by introducing anything new to their lives but by listening and recognising what they now fail to recognise. I help my clients remember their better self and I support them in taking the steps needed to get back to that better self. It is not magic and I am no rocket scientist. This is just a matter of taking the time to work on ourselves, to allow ourselves to be number 1 just for an hour every fortnight. The results are amazing, when we learn to see other perspectives, to imagine a wider world where things are possible. When our confidence is built up to the extent that we can go out there and fail if we need to and still survive, or go out there and succeed because we have learned the valuable lessons that our failures have taught us.

Loneliness is one of the greatest enemies of this pandemic, isolation is wearing away at our very souls. Life coaching will teach you to combat loneliness and low confidence and many other negative emotions that you feel are taking over your life. You can learn to value yourself again and as they say valued people value people.

Call Orla and see how she can help you with these and many other mental blocks stopping you from being your best self.

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