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It has been a long hard summer, it’s time to review, regroup and emerge stronger. We have lost loved ones, we may be losing jobs, our confidence is knocked, we need to rebuild our resolve.

Here are 5 small things we can all do to fortify ourselves.

  1. Sleep Hygiene – without enough sleep we simply can’t find the strength to succeed.
  2. Feeling confused, feel like you are in a haze, unable to make a decision about the future. You are not alone, the first step to clarity is to get some time for yourself, stop making excuses, don’t feel guilty. Just Do It!
  3. Mental and emotional hygiene – We all know we are entering a period of mass unemployment. Mental and emotional hygiene is paramount, practice gratitude, seek out the things you are grateful for and remind yourself of them daily. Positivity breeds success are you in a successful state of mind?
  4. Goal Setting – map your skills – understand where you can upskill to be more employable during this period of high competition. It may be a tight labour market but there are still jobs out there and someone has to be awarded them, it might as well be you!
  5. Anxiety – Fear and Anger can be toxic – do not let these emotions paralyse you, do not try to be superwoman or superman. Talk about your worries, and create an action plan.

If you are experiencing any of the above contact Orla and see how she can help.

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