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Baby to Boardroom

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Mat leave is over and it’s time to get back to the boardroom!

Is it time to start thinking about returning to work after Maternity Leave? Often we feel anxious and ill equipped to return to work after baby comes, particularly if we have taken an extended Mat leave and are returning after some years.

A new baby is a life-changing event and so it should be, get support dealing with your new normal, and learn to enjoy it.

Why should I feel guilty for loving my job, I shouldn’t, but still we do.

Here are some tips on how to get back into the swing of thing

8 Tips for Returning to work after mat leave.

  1. Think about going back to work mid-week so that the first week is a gentle one.
  2. Accept that life after baby is not – and should not – be the same.  Accept your new normal and enjoy it.
  3. Do a full dress rehearsal before your actual start date.  Get out of that house and through your morning routine as if you were going to the office so that you can navigate pitfalls ahead of your return, and take that journey to the office maybe use it as a KIT day.
  4. Remember this is a time of great change just for now. Go with the change rather than fighting it. With work and children everything is temporary and subject to change.
  5. Focus on abundance. Pay attention to spending quality time with your child rather than the scarcity of what you might miss while you are at the office.
  6. Remember: its okay to love your work. You are successful and should be proud of your accomplishments.
  7. Know that every parent has guilt. Stay at home parents feel like they abandoned their careers or education. Working parents just experience a different brand of guilt.
  8. Know that you will make mistakes, just look at it from the mind-set that every mistake is a learning opportunity, think of your mistakes as good ones that you will learn from or rooky ones, (I won’t get caught on that again).  But don’t beat yourself up over them.

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