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CV Writing, things you should NOT do!

CV Writing

Don’t be afraid of white space.
Don’t fear the gaps. Even if you think your CV looks quite bare, as long as you’ve included all the relevant information and applicable, quantifiable achievements, you needn’t worry. Remember: Sometimes, less is more.

Don’t try to include too much. The ideal CV should be a checklist of all of your accomplishments. It should not be your life story. Tailoring your CV to the role is a great way to skim some of the fat and keep all waffle to a minimum.

Don’t include irrelevant information. Before adding any points in your application, ask the question: will it help you get the role. If the answer is no, take it out. Hobbies and interests are a great example. If they don’t help you stand out, don’t waste valuable space.

Don’t forget your cover letter. Although it is often seen as a different entity, your cover letter is attached to your CV, and both are vital in helping you clinch the right role. Utilise yours properly, and your CV becomes the perfect document to reinforce your talent.
Oh, they didn’t say to include one? Still do!! Every extra opportunity to sell yourself should be taken.

Don’t Experiment with size. You may think that changing font size is a great way to fit your CV onto two pages. But whether you’re using a large font to make your application seem longer or you’re using a smaller font to make sure everything fits, you’re not fooling anyone.
See also, margin size.

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