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What can we do about a Mental Block

Mental Block
Stop building your mental wall!

What is your mental block stopping you from doing?

Many of my clients are finding it difficult to do something because of their mental and emotional blocks / walls. They feel they are not good enough, or not deserving enough or not clever enough or not ……. blank ………. enough.

We all have one, but for some of us this block is so debilitating that we find ourselves stuck. The thing to remember is that this wall is a construct of our own. We have built it up over many years and we now believe in it wholehearted.

What does your wall look like?
Mental block
Break down the wall !

What would it be like to look over the wall, would you still say don’t enter. Can you rise above your wall to better understand what the world really looks like.

As a coach I spend time helping clients rise above their limiting beliefs and better understand what life could be like if there were no mental blocks.

How can you use my tools to raise yourself up?

I help my clients reframe their view of what is stopping them from achieving their best selves. If someone is suffering from a lack of confidence due to a limiting belief I try to get them to see the problem from another perspective. I reframe their limiting belief so that they can break through their wall.

When we say “I can’t do that” it is the truth, when we say “I can’t do that yet” it is the truth and when we say “I can do that with a little help/study/experience” it is the truth!

When a client says I can’t do something, I ask how do you know you can’t? when the answer is, I just know.

This is where the reframe comes in.

I ask questions like, did you know when you were tiny that one day you would be able to walk, the answer is inevitably no, or did you know when you were a toddler that you would one day be able to ski? again the answer is inevitably no. Then the question has to be, if you were using the same outlook when you were tiny as you are now how would your life look. There would be no walking, no talking no skiing etc. Why, because you had already made up your mind you couldn’t do it.

The reframe is not intended to tell my client that he/she is wrong but to challenge their thinking. This is something we can all do at home or in the workplace. Ask the question, without emotion, where is the evidence that I can’t do it?

Buddha once said “The mind is everything, what you think you become

It’s 2020 it’s the end of January,

it’s time to breakthrough your wall!!

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