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Self Care – Because You’re Worth It!

It’s July, and everywhere I look, the message is to stop and smell the flowers, to rest and be mindful, to review my life and be more present.  These are all great messages and powerful things to incorporate into our lives if only we had the time.

My message for July is, treat yourself to a full night’s sleep; the benefits are astounding.  July is the busiest month of the year so far comparable only to the run-up to Christmas, so the hope of getting enough rest is unlikely.

Here are a few tips on how to get through this busy period and come out the other end feeling slightly less broken.

1.    Hide the smartphone; it is stealing our precious minutes where we could be resting our minds.  Set a timeframe when you can consciously look at your updates, including any work emails, and turn off the phone outside of those hours.  Want your work-life balance back, think about it!.

2.    Set up an evening routine, cut out the last half an hour of TV, it will keep you awake, use the last half an hour of your day taking better care of yourself, take a bath, use some lovely lotion, give yourself a little love after your long day.

3.    Practice gratitude, just before you lay your head down, think of what was beautiful about your day, even if you have had a bad day there is still something to be grateful about, maybe your health, maybe your partner, or children, there is always something.  Make that last thought before sleep a positive one.

4.    If you are in the workplace, take time to set yourself a core wardrobe for work, this way you don’t spend time agonizing over what you will wear to work.  It is always there and always ready, have your accessories in a handy, easily accessible spot.

If you are struggling with something and want to make tangible steps to improve it or achieve it, consider life coaching – get in touch now and make the change that will transform your life.

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