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Vulnerability to be Embraced or Feared?

How does it feel when we are vulnerable?

The first answers that springs to mind are uncomfortable, some people may say torcher, excruciating, exposed,  the worst thing in the world.

Depending on who we are and what kind of personality we have, to purposefully put ourselves in a position where we are vulnerable may be the worst thing in the world or maybe just bearable, but for nobody is it comfortable or easy.

What does it mean?

Possibly something different to each of us, some of us can get up and speak in front of a thousand people but run from an awkward conversation, others couldn’t entertain speaking in public and would rather face a raging lion.

To me being vulnerable means having the courage, I am the one who doesn’t like to talk in public, but I’m about to do it because I feel strongly about what I do.  For me helping people conquer their fears means that I first have to overcome my own.

Isn’t falling in love being purposefully vulnerable, don’t we all have to experience this every day to find happiness and connection.

When we are at work and have something to say but are afraid to make ourselves heard we are running from the potential shame of doing or saying the wrong thing and so we don’t feel the fear and do it anyway.  What we are really doing is denying our colleagues and employers our greatest skills because we are scared to be vulnerable.

What if we were not scared of anything, I wonder what we could do then.

Maybe we could stand up for our neighbours who are being harassed, perhaps we could recognise our friends who are in bad situations and have the hard conversations, maybe we could change the world one conversation at a time.

Maybe we could realise that being scared is ok because we will not always get it right, we will not always succeed, and we may even face criticism and each time we fail we will be hurting, learning, growing and getting better.

Imagine that feeling, the “I have done it”, feeling! The “it wasn’t as good as I hoped, but it could have been a lot worse”, feeling or “it is better than before” feeling, I’m getting better, I can do this!!!!!!.


So is it to be feared or to be nurtured?

These are my thoughts for my mindful spring clean.  What do you think?

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