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Life Coach why did I do it?

Life Coaching changed my life and I thought it was time I shared that feeling.  Prior to this I was happy in my work and life but there was something missing.  As a person who gets more pleasure out of giving rather than receiving, someone who gets happiness from helping another to find their way, becoming a Life Coach seemed the perfect option.  The fact that it took me until half way through my life seems a shame and when thinking about it, could it have been any different?

There is a wonderful Christy Moor song where he tells us that in order to share our boat with others we first have to build our own boat.  I think that’s what I was doing, building my own boat/ life and getting to a place where my becoming a Life Coach was an authentic and natural progression.

What does being a Life Coach give me?  the answer to this question is endless joy.  When I start working with a new client either on life coaching or on career coaching or self care coaching, I become a witness to positive change in that person’s life.  I become the guiding light for that client to improve their circumstances by focusing the mind and being strategic in their actions to achieve something specific.

As a Life Coach I drive life changing action and I support bold and brave steps to achieving a new and better life, one that we can all achieve and are all worthy of.

When I started on this journey I could not have known what becoming a Life Coach would do for my life and the lives of the people around me.

Would I do it again?  If I had my life to live over again I would become a Life Coach sooner.


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