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Updating your CV for the Current Job Market

Including your entire history of work and experience in your CV might actually be hindering your chance of success. How far back should your CV go?

When it comes to updating your CV the worry is always how much to put in. Most of us err on the side of caution and add everything we have ever done including things like hobbies and interests.

You generally have about 8 seconds to make an impression. The employer wants to know can you do the job; he/she wants proof that you have already been successful in a similar role. They are not interested in the fact that you like to read romantic novels or even that you go for a swim now and then.

If you have a great achievement like swimming the channel then by all means add it as an achievement otherwise best leave it out.

Keep it current – focus on the previous 10 years and use your space efficiently. One line about the organisation, a line about your job role and then on to your achievements.

Cut down on the historic information, as it will not help with this application. Nobody wants gaps in their CV and there is no need for them.   A one-line description for roles over 10 years old is enough. Company, date and job title will be sufficient.

If there are extraordinary achievements during this time add them under achievements.

If you are focusing too much on the older positions it will look suspect as through you are no longer succeeding.

The explanation should be getting shorter as the years go back.

When writing your CV always remember to mirror the job spec and it’s essential requirements.

For information on which CV to use get in touch. #CVupdate


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