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Changing Career – Is it Ever Just Too Late?


Orla Cahill Career Coach and Life Coach.


There are so many of us stuck in a job that is no longer challenging us and we are no longer getting any pleasure out of.  

The following is the result of being stuck in this position

  1. We start to lose our confidence
  2. We start to come in late and take days off
  3. We become complacent
  4. We no longer care about our work, our company and to an extent our own career prospects. 
  5. We become a little disappointed in ourselves and even a bit despondent. 
  6. We start to feel anxious about work and have a knot in our stomach on a Sunday night in advance of Monday morning. 

What are the benefits of staying in such a position – The answer is nothing aside from the fact that it is comfortable.  

In order to move on, we need to have courage.  Change is scary – we are listening to all the “what if’s” that enter our mind.

What if 

1.    I’m too old

2.    I can’t get another job

3.    I don’t succeed in a new job

4.    My skills set is not good enough

These are all great things to think about before changing jobs or careers but they are not good reasons to stop you.

We only have this one life, why waste one more second of it settling for second best.  We are all great at something; if we are not using that something in our work life then we are wasting precious time and energy.

We all deserve to be happy and when we are happy we bring so much more to our relationships to our families to our children and to our own sense of worth. 

What you truly want is out there, you just have to go and get it.

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