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Mistake No. 4 you don’t want to make when changing career

Not spending enough time reflecting on what it is you are looking for in a new career.

Often we are in such a hurry to escape from our current career that we don’t investigate deep enough what it is we are actually looking for from our next move.

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For example you are in marketing and want a jump to sales.  There is not really so much of a jump that you are entering the complete unknown, and the potential is that your skill set will transfer well enough and to some extent you have already been exposed to the environment of sales and it’s many wonders. Fine.

What about if you want to move from marketing to Farming or Mountaineering or some other completely unrelated environment.  It is worth asking all the questions around what it is you want to get out of your new career, what are the things that are drawing you to this new life and are these things in line with your predetermined check list of what you want your life to look like in this next chapter?

Maybe the kids have grown up a little now and it is time for you to follow your dream, is this dream still valid?, do you still want the things you wanted when you first had the dream?  Is a switch to farming truly going to give you what you currently want or can you somehow find it in your current environment.

Is it possible that you can have the life you desire in your current career? just possibly in a different aspect, maybe it is worth looking at what other aspects of your current profession may fulfill what you currently need in your life.

Bottom line; always start with a clear picture of what you want from your life because if you can’t clearly outline the destination it is unlikely you will ever get there.  As the great Stephen Covey says “Start with the end in mind”.

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