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Mistake No. 3 you don’t want to make when changing career

September is all about changing careers.

Don’t jump in too soon, before you know all the facts.Image result for image of a female business woman jumping off a cliff

Making a decision to change careers is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life.  It deserves time and attention, making a decision based on one piece of information or one data point is nuts!

If you need a new outfit for an important engagement, you will visit several shops before you make your final decision. It may take more than one shopping trip.  You will try different outfits on for size and style to be sure they suite you and bring out the best you have.

Your new career deserves at least this type of dedication.  When considering a new career often people will have two or three options in mind, one will definitely be relating to the skill set they already have just with a different perspective, another will be something they have dreamed of for many years but did nothing about and another may be something brand new that has just spiked their interest.

So what to do to find out about these three options, often clients will start by trying to understand how to get into that type of career without spending any time trying the career on for size.  My advice try it on for size, see if it suites you, how do you do this?  Research Research Research.

Often people will over look the skill set they already have and through the baby out with the bathwater. Consider what you like about your current career that you might be able to bring with you to the next.

Talk to everyone you know and find professionals in this shiny new career.  Meet with these people and find out from them what a day in the life of this position may be like, what is the earning potential, ask the questions that are important to you, it could be about flexible working, it might be about travel etc.

Make a checklist of what you want to get from your next career being specific about everything that is important to you, bring your thinking forward a few years and ask the question where do I want to be, how much of a difference do I want to be making to the world, or how many hours do I want to be working at this point etc.  Once this checklist is completed use it to compare your investigation into your potential career options.

If you need help with any of the above and would like to change careers give me a call or contact me through the form below.  You will be able to do this alone and having a coach will cut the time involved in half at least.


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