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Mistake No. 2 you don’t want to make when changing career.

September is all about Changing Careers

Following on from yesterday when we talked about not leaving it until you absolutely hate your job to make changes, (as it is a bit late then), today it’s all about finances.

Clients come to me wanting to change their career and often it is not until we consider the cost that the light bulb comes on.   It takes time and effort and money to make such a change. Sometimes it requires up skilling, which could mean time out of the workplace.

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Before making the change do your research, get in touch with a career coach and have them help you walk through the process.  Your coach will not offer you any advice but if they are any good they will ask the hard questions, questions you always kind of knew in the back of your mind, but you may not have been ready to answer on your own.

The bottom line is, you will not go strait into a new career and start earning the kind of money you are now earning. So what to do?  Research Research Research!  Understand all the angles and then make an educated decision.

Often the financial cushion needed to make a transformation from one career to another may have to support you for up to 2 years.   If you don’t have the money think of another way of doing it.  Up skill while you are still in your current job.  Volunteer in your new interest to get some experience. Talk to professionals in your new chosen career and find out the Nitti gritty!  Do nothing until you know everything.

Check out Mistake No. 3 next week on my blog





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