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Mistake No. 1 you don’t want to make when changing careers.

September is all about Changing Careers

This is a subject we have talked about quite a lot in the past however we are still making the same mistakes.  This month is about freshening up that CV and being in with a chance.  Many of us get itchy feet in September; maybe it’s something to do with the proximity of the Holiday Season, who knows.

If you are in the situation of changing careers then your CV needs to promote a new and different message.  YOUR OLD CV NO LONGER WORKS.

Making a run for it. Mistake No 1.

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If you are struggling and you’ve waited too long to make the change the likelihood is that you now hate your job, you hate the people you work for and you are not crazy about your colleagues. And you want to make an escape as far away from what you are currently doing as possible.

This was me a few years ago so, I hated my job and hence career and this created anxiety and stress, so I left with nothing to go to. (Not the best idea) I then retrained as a coach, this gave me fantastic life changing skills and experience that I now use every day and I am now successful in this field of career coaching and CV writing. However it took me several years to get her.  It has been a bit of an up hill journey. (There definitely was an easier way)!

On reflection what I could have done was regain my composure and reclaim my power within the workplace. It’s simple really, not easy by any stretch but a simple concept.  If I had done that, then I could have regained my respect for myself and brought that to a different organisation.  Because as it turns out I loved the career I had chosen but not the company.

The moral of the story, don’t make that leap before you have improved your situation.  Make your situation better by repairing broken relationships, building more respect, finding your voice, growing your skills and becoming more competent.  Once this is achieved you can then bring your newfound confidence to your next position.

The biggest secret don’t leave it until you hate going to work to make a change, at this point it may be to late to improve your situation and then you leave with nothing to go to. Consider mentoring or coaching as a support in your efforts.

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