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Confidence in the Workplace, how do we get it?

As August is all about boosting our confidence in the workplace I thought it only right to site the article in the telegraph on this subject.

Follow me during September while I am talking about what the steps are to making a career change.

As a career coach I see every day that lack of confidence is the biggest barrier women have to overcome in order to achieve their goals, whether the goal is to return to the workplace or just to change jobs or go for that promotion.

According to the Telegraph, Facebook conducted some research in 2016 called ‘SheMeansBusiness’. The results of which revealed that 2.7million women in the UK (one in ten) would love to start their own enterprise but don’t.  Why? Answer, lack of confidence.

Men and women are completely different in this area, right? Men will go into that interview and sell a less rounded skill set than is required for the job, but because of their confidence they will often get the position, (not every man is the same of course but in general).  Women will go for the job that they are over qualified for and apologize for their skills, (again this is a broad stroke and does not apply to every woman).

Those of us who have managed ‘self-confidence’ have achieved this by feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  We all feel fear when there is change on the horizon, change such as a promotion, should you wait to be noticed or do you go out there and get noticed?

What helps – preparation, preparation, preparation………… don’t be noticed because you were not prepared, it is hard to come back from that.  Be remembered because you have all the answers, or if not all the answers then a very confident I don’t have that information yet (however based on previous……….. we can expect….)

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