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Career Change – 5 steps to Rebranding

When you’re thinking about changing your career, you must also think of changing your message, not just on your CV but also on your social media. Consider the following when making a change.

1. Rethink your social media message; think about the new audience and the new career. It is evident that when we apply for positions the first thing a recruiter will do it look at our social media presence, make sure you are sending the right message. Connect with groups in your target industry, comment on interesting articles ……. Network……… It is easier than ever to demonstrate to your target audience that you’re serious and invested in this new career, the more you do the more credible you will look to a potential employer.

2. Skills Analysis, this is probably the most important thing you can do, so spend some time on it. Figure out what your transferable skills are, by investigating all of your achievements and figure out what skills you used to be successful. Things like ‘problem-solving’, ‘influencing’, ‘people management’, are all transferable and highly saleable skills. Talk to your friends and colleagues and find out what they would say your skills are.

3. Research your chosen career, make sure you are fully aware of what skills are necessary to be successful in this career, give this part of the process lots of time and make sure you have more than one data point. Up-skill through training or attending events and make sure you know which skills are most valuable in your new industry.

4. Most of us identify ourselves through our professional identity; this would be a mistake when changing careers. Recruiters often use industry-specific language to identify potential employees. If you are not speaking the right language you may confuse recruiters resulting in you not even getting an interview.

5. Know what problem the recruiter is trying to solve, make sure you are a good fit for the job. You don’t have to tell the recruiter everything on your CV, just highlight the relevant experience and accomplishments.

If you are thinking about changing your career and need some support to make it happen, contact me and discover how career coaching can change your life.

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