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The Graduate Path to Employment

There are several different paths to employment at this stage in your career, the forward-thinking student will have been doing some work during their summer holidays to gain experience as an employee.  For those students who did not get the opportunity to do that, some of the following options might help:

  • Talk to your professor; ask him/her if they know anybody who would give you a job or an internship, or merely an interview.

o   All universities are in some way linked to the organisations that are offering courses, whether it is through personal friendships or professional relationships.

  • Apply to do an internship in your area of study

o   Start with the Google search word Internships, and this will take you to all sorts of possibilities.

o   Once you are in the company, you have the opportunity to make an impression.  This is vital in today’s competitive graduate job market.

  • Consider taking a temporary position

o   For the same reason as above, once you have your foot in the door, you have the chance to make that all-important good impression, if and when a permanent position becomes available you will be in the right place at the right time

  • Apply for jobs on a jobs board related to your field of study

o   For this action, you will need a CV.  But you don’t have much work experience to put on your CV so what should you do. This is the time for you to learn about the different kinds of CVs and which is the most suitable for you in your time of life and career.

  • Look at the Times top 100 Employers and find out which employer is in your field of study.

o   Make your application directly to these employers using your functional CV and a portfolio if one is called for.

  • Register at an Agency

o   Recruitment agencies are always looking for new candidates to register with them.  The agent will then place your CV with the employer he/she thinks is most suitable.  The agent works on commission so they will do the best they can to get you employed.

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