Imposter Syndrome


Are you suffering from Imposter Syndrome, Have you ever felt like you are just faking it and that someone will some day catch you out. You are not alone, “two-thirds of women in the UK workforce suffer from Imposter Syndrome”, so says Karen Higginnbottom of Forbs.

Karen goes on to say, “Receiving criticism was the biggest cause of their ‘Imposter Syndrome’, and while one in five said having to ask for help made them doubt their abilities at work.”

So what is the answer, if you are feeling a little self-conscious or are lacking confidence what should you be doing.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, psychologist and expert on wellness in the workplace suggests that we should find out from our colleagues and other people what they think about us, hence getting a more realistic view of our strengths and skills.

As women we are our own worst critics ALWAYS. One of my regular conversations when meeting with clients for confidence coaching or when people are thinking of a career change begins with the question, what do people come to you for, if they need help? The answer to this is normally a great place to start in order to understand what you are valued for in the workplace.

Another way of tackling ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is through gaining self-confidence at work, we can do this by retaining the services of a coach who will support you through the challenges at work that will allow you to build your self-confidence. Tackling challenges at work will help you to gain self-confidence.

Let’s use August 2018 as the confidence boost we all need in the workplace, figure out what you need to do to increase your self –confidence and just do it.

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