Confidence in the Workplace, how do we get it?

As August is all about boosting our confidence in the workplace I thought it only right to site the article in the telegraph on this subject. Follow me during September while I am talking about what the steps are to making a career change. As a career coach I see every day that lack ofContinue reading “Confidence in the Workplace, how do we get it?”

Career Change – 5 steps to Rebranding

When you’re thinking about changing your career, you must also think of changing your message, not just on your CV but also on your social media. Consider the following when making a change. 1. Rethink your social media message; think about the new audience and the new career. It is evident that when we applyContinue reading “Career Change – 5 steps to Rebranding”

The Graduate Path to Employment

There are several different paths to employment at this stage in your career, the forward-thinking student will have been doing some work during their summer holidays to gain experience as an employee.  For those students who did not get the opportunity to do that, some of the following options might help: Talk to your professor;Continue reading “The Graduate Path to Employment”

Imposter Syndrome

  Are you suffering from Imposter Syndrome, Have you ever felt like you are just faking it and that someone will someday catch you out. You are not alone, “two-thirds of women in the UK workforce suffer from Imposter Syndrome”, so says Karen Higginnbottom of Forbs. Karen goes on to say, “Receiving criticism was theContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

Work Life Balance out of Whack?

Is this what you feel like at the end of the day. Everyone else is taken care of and there is nothing left for you. The boss is sending you emails at 8pm at night and you are wondering where you will find the time to see your kids. Can’t seem to find the work-lifeContinue reading “Work Life Balance out of Whack?”